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Thread: 28...29...10??? What The...

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    me thinks a little pure alcohol was inside refbot instead of lubricating oil.........disgraceful behaviour

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    We€™d like to take full responsibility for poor old Refbots counter problems.

    He just got in the way.... honest

    All good fun though.

    Roaming Robots

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    Nah, somebodys been slipping red wine into his bedtime drink of hot oil

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    he kept doing it all through filming, hed just display random numbers. or count all the way to 9 and reset, doh!

    i think jonno gets best bit of the series so far! (that should get me a few extra league points :P)

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    it seemed very cautious about disposing of Bamm Bamm and blue (or black) and waited for Ripper to be counted out before trying to flip them OOTA, and no house robot attacking. I think Firestorm is becoming a little cautious...

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