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Thread: OI! OI!

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    We were told that stacking a robot was not enough, the house robots will bring them back into the fight. I assumed Jochen was told the same. Still, impressed with Tsunami they could easily have won it - Tsunami v XT3

    Firestorm v Ripper???


    What are your veiws people?

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    I think he means that he was told that if a robot gets perched on a wall, its not enough to win a fight, and should get put back onto the floor by Refbot or the HR. They did not do it for either X-terminator nor Ripper. He probably thinks that, had Ripper been bought back into the fight, they may have beaten Firestorm, and I think thats what hes having a bitch about.

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    thats wot i understood,

    however if my memory serves me correctly, ripper were perched very near to falling off and so therefore the HR may have wanted to leave them incase they knocked them out themselves. Also you must remember that robot wars isnt a fair competition and ripper had attacked the house robots so they probably thought that they might aswell get them out incase they won and started attacking the HR again.

    just my thoughts

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    The one time which I thought was VERY unfair was Spawn Again in series 7.
    I mean, somebody should of gone in and freed them when their ram that had blown up got stuck in that stupid gap between the floor and wall.
    I thought it was unfair that they should get flipped out when they still had a chance to win (I admit a very small one) but that is not the point.
    They could of won still and lost that chance because of the arena. Any further comment on this would be appreciated!
    Mike http:

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    Apologies for the confusing start to this thread.

    I think the angle grinders should be blown up. Why on earth are they there? Robots getting stuck is unfair Refbot should shove every robot before counting it out (Armadrillo, seres 6)I know it will never be a totally fair game but i think this stands out as very unfair.

    My veiw/opinion though

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    I agree. Remember what happened in Series 6, Dantomkia vs. S3? :sad:

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