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Thread: Ou est le Woot?

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    Sorry, sorry... Ive kinda had some problems over here so here is my (albeit late) wooty review.

    Melee 1

    Twas quick. Bamn Bamns axe didnt seem to work after the initial strike so they couldnt self right. Black also seemed to have been having driving problems from the moment they entered the arena and I dont think the cluster bot showed the good team work a cluster bot will NEED if its going to be sucesfull. Daisy Cutter didnt seem to do all that much, apart from chipping bits off Blue, allowing Firestorm to thrown Blue over once or twice, and pit both Blue and Bamn Bamn.

    Qualified: Firestorm and Daisy cutter

    Melee 2

    Zorro got the first attack in, but seemed to lose something off the spinner. This disabled it, meaning it couldnt spin up and self right after Ripper threw it over. Aggrobot spent most of the fight being tossed around the arena, but managed to get their claws under Reptirrons flipper once. Ripper was definitely the star of the fight in the first half, but seemed to cool down towards the end. This fight is NEARLY fight of the night.

    Qualified: Reptirron the 2nd and Ripper.

    Featherweight final

    Apart from the first few seconds, this was a really action packed fight! All the robots worked for most of the fight, lots of flipping and shoving was happening to various robots and best of all we never saw the bloody house robots get involved As for the decision, I wouldnt call it at all contraversial. DTK had disposed of three robots in this fight, two of which seemed to be working. Rampage thrown OOTA by the floor flipper was great as well, all of which combined makes this... Fight of the night

    Winner: DTK beat Whipper on a judges decision.

    Firestorm vs Reptirron

    Firestorm got the first attack, swiveled around to get Reptirron facing a useful direction on the wedge and fired. That was pretty much it for the fight, the rest of the air time being taken up by Firestorm trying several times to get Reptirron OOTA, which they eventually managed with a sucession of violent charges and timed flips.

    Winner: Firestorm

    Daisy cutter vs Ripper

    Thankfully, I failed to blink so I saw this fight.

    Winner: Ripper.

    Ripper vs Everything Else

    Well, first off there was a failed attack on Shunt. Although Shunt was lifted, he wasnt toppled. Then, my personal favourite bit, Ripper tipped over Refbot while we were looking through the Ref Cam Funny as hell. Then at some point, Shunt got flipped onto Killalot, so Killalot was running around with Shunt perched on his side which was also funny. In the end the HRs couldnt take Ripper out, so they had to quickly fire the floor flipper, which brought the entertainment to a halt. Bah.

    Winner: Ripper.

    Ripper vs Firestorm

    Ripper was easily upended in a position it couldnt self right from... Thankfully Firestorm did the honourable thing and turned it back over... A bit of frantic manouvering later and Ripper was propper up on top of an angle grinder and counted out. Then Firestorm once more did the honourable thing, tossing Ripper OOTA and away from the house robots wrath.

    Winner: Firestorm

    Many congratualtions to Graham and Hazel, Im sure youll be very happy together

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    Am i right in saying that this is the first
    time that Firestorm has flipped an other robot

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    Which two did it chuck out in commonwealth event?

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    It was a good heat this week wasnt it? Especially the fw battle

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