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Thread: Start time 1.10pm

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    Yes, X-Terminator was for sale earlier. But I belive it was an older version?

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    Yeah it was, Marlon tried to sell it for nearly £3000 (no bids), tried to sell it at a reserve price of £2500 (no bids again). I was interested but I couldnt afford anything at that price.

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    This is one of the main reasons for what this forum is good for: clear communication. Marlon has given his explanation now and that is good for understanding what has happened.
    As you all know fighting tends to make people excited, and in the surge of battle-joy one tends to make decisions that might turn out to be wrong or stupid afterwards. People should be able to talk about it without getting tempers flared and the internet is the right kind of neutral turf to do it.

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    It was X-Terminator 2 that was for sale (The one with an Axe)
    I still have it if anyones interested - Make me an offer - ideal for doing the live events as the version of X-T we have at the moment is reasonably unusable at live events with the spinner at the moment.

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    Let me see...

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    nahh, be serrious, £9!!! lol

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