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Thread: Start time 1.10pm

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    Well thats stupid theyve changed it yet again

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    oh my god why is doing this god! next it will be on at 12pm jee. Five sort yourself out

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  4. #4 the action gets tenser, the start time gets earlier....

    No series eight for Channel 5, Im willing to bet on that now! :sad:

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    i have to get up early now
    Werent things looking ood for RW when five took it up?
    But now it seems RW is falling like its start times

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    I have half-an-hours swimming at 11:30 on Sundays, so I have to get up early anyway. :P

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    hmm i think channel 5 are silly moving robot wars where ever they fancy. put it back on bbc2 or better yet MAKE A ROBOT WARS CHANNEL

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    Great heat i have to say. best bit was DTK flew over the arena in 6 secs! Worst bit was well NONE! well done x terminater and torando.

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    Best Fight: Bulldog/TAN

    Worst Bit: XT boys going OTT with Bulldog... they should have just left them as they werent going anywhere...

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    total distructions though i thought they nearly went OOTA Bulldog but yea i agreee should of left em.

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