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Thread: Start time 1.10pm

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    Worst Bit: XT boys going OTT with Bulldog

    Whats OTT?

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    I think X-terminator was trying to get Bulldog Breed Out of the arena to protect it from those nasty house robots.

    Best Bit - Shunt being flipped over

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    Yes, I always thought a certain Mr Dave was a little soft in the head. (cough) Panicattackcommunity (cough)

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    It would have been funny if the Refbot came in at X-Terminator, and rammed X-Terminator onto its back, then counted it out.

    He could have flipped us at any time. Oh, yes, Im sure he could if it werent for the fact that the flipper had been destroyed, and it was stuck against the arena wall!

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