Well, we now know the full line up, so comments please. Just remember, im listing the fights in no particular order of occurence.

Mute V Firestorm (2)

I think that while mute is highly impressive, Firestorm look nigh on unstoppable and in a frontal assault Firestorm would win. They are both incredibly resilient, thats for sure, and i dont think its about who has the more powerful flip, more about who can get under the other easiest. Firestorm looks like the winner in this, and hence the winner of the fight overall.

Typhoon 2 V Thermidor 2 (14)

No chance or hope for themry, typhoon all the way. Once it gets up to speed, it will be impossible to flip, and there are lots of soft parts on thermy to nibble. Looks like an easy win for her majestys forces for me. Perhaps it wont be as one sided as i think, but the winner is in little doubt.

Storm 2 (16) V The Grim Reaper

This will also be very one sided I think, as Grim Reaper will have difficulty getting under Storm and will be pushed about everywhere. Besides, even if Storm is flipped it doesnt matter. Storm on a judges decision.

M2 V Atomic

Looks to be a closer fight, as both have similar specs and weaponry. There may well be an OOTA, but as the fight draws on, I think that M2s low pressure system will come in to it more. Expect a flip frenzy from both sides.

Overall i wouldnt say who will meet in Round 2, but I say that the likelyhood is that Storm 2 and Typhoon will reach the grand final, but Firestorm is also in for a good chance.