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Thread: Out of tme for the bbc

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    Well the bbcs time has run out. Tomoro is firestorms heat and we will be told what they did to a house robot in extreme

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    Its their own fault. They were the ones who lied.

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    When i went to teh filming of series 7 during a wait tehy showed two fights from taht episode in extreme ii
    so i saw what happened but not teh whole heat
    it was good though

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    Hmmm, they didnt mention it!!

    Oh well!

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    Steven the e comes after the h in all those words!

    You may have dyslexia, I dont know, but its still quite easy to check your spelling.

    I sound like Babeth here but these words are spelled wrong in all your posts.


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    No matter how hard I try (I do type quite fast) I always get the (hehe) spelt wrong. Its jsut something taht I do (ahh dunnit again). Sorry, but as long as you know what I mean, and I dont think i am dyslexic...

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    Sloppy typing ? What is Proud Old England coming to ? You know, there is such a thing as devolution...

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    Wot u chattin bout rude boi

    Only jokin, im A grade student, jsut need typing lessons for those two words

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