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    A thought occurs. It says on the thread that the top 3 robots in the competition have the chance to represent the good ol UK at the world champs, but 2 of the top robots this year are dutch. In the hugely likely event of either gravity or TAN finishing in the top 3, what happens? Do they represent the UK or is there then a lack of UK representation? help me someone!!!

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    All the Dutch were waiting for the outcome of that same question, George. We were ready for history being writen; what if the top-bot would be Dutch?? :-)

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    Uhm, Top Bot comes from Ireland...

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    I was just kidding!

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    By saying the top 3 it may be a spoiler.
    Other its the top 3 UK or teh top 3 are UK. Im glad I havent a clue, its just a thought that occured, it may be a spoiler
    (woo no spelling mistakes)

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