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Thread: Start time of 3:20

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    just found out that this heat starts at 3:20pm

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    Oh for gods sake

    For a month or MORE now RW has NEVER been on at the same time!

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    thats why i have not watched it for 6 weeks.

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    Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK
    Well waddya know - next week its on at 1:10.
    I think this has gone beyond Gods sake

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    Yeah! At least the BBC kept it at the same time even if they didnt keep it the same date.

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    i no pain in the bum five cant stop changing the time. We need a slot at 4pm or 5pm

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    humm.... theory.
    when they bought rw, did it have a performance related get-out?

    Ive seen these in contracts before (Ive had one!) and they are a way of not honouring the commitments you make.

    here is a little story, maybe its true?

    Five buy rw with a guaranteed audience of xxxx
    if these figure are less than... say... 50% of that guarantee, there are contractual implications that benefit five in the event of a show bomb.

    seeing the show was not as popular, or WANTING to break the contract for some reason, the confusion generated by changing the time would help lower the viewing figures.

    just trying to make sense of it all with an even more stupid conspiricy theory.

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    Could well be.

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