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Thread: House Robot Rebellion

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    Gravity and Behemoth were the only Normal robots in the arena.

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    Behemoth wont do anything
    Gravity, if it gets a chance to flip, will flip either growler or Cassius Chrome over

    Maybe the other robot is really destructive and they did this to destroy Cassius Chrome cos its so rubbish!

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    (JOkin - i think Cassius Chrome is funny really)
    so please dont get mad, its just an idea!

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    Behemoth and gravity together? sounds like the HRs could be really up against it this time...

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    bigger brother should of been in Gravitys place, but due to BBs past record of flipping HRs. he gets told he cant go in (its dereks excuse for not want the Hrs flipped, but for some reason he puts gravity in, fool!)

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    stu's Avatar

    That wasnt the reason.

    MR Stu

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    indeed it wasnt.

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