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Thread: Who is in the annihilator

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    I always like it when they have the house robot cams on the screen when said house robot is flipped.

    You must have a pretty big notepad, Mr. I-like-Shunt-now-I-dont-like-Shunt Dave.

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    it looked good, with that nasty looking drum at the rear and the flipper on the front.

    Chris, you can talk, robots with axes are so cool

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    Sure thing, Mr. I-said-on-my-Extreme-2-reviews-on-the-Panic-Attack-community-I-hated-Shunt-but- in-a-different-thread-I-wrote-I-liked-Shunt Dave.

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    I think Robochicken will win the annihilator. The new version is extreme.

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    Time for those odds things again;

    Robochicken: 3/1
    Ripper: 5/1
    Kan-Opener: 8/1
    Raging Knightmare: 7/1
    Ewe 2: 10/1
    Flipper: dont ask/1

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    What, I think Ripper Everytime

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    Hehe, i hear the winner recieves £20,000. With 1/6 odds of winning that, id be very surprised if competitors werent clamouring to get in.

    Odds (I think)

    Robochicken: 5/2 (best bet)
    Ripper: 4/1 (good odds)
    Kan-Opener: 10/1 (fair chance)
    Raging Knightmare: 8/1 (decent chance)
    Ewe 2: 15/1 (outsiders)
    Flipper: 100/1 (hmmm)

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