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Thread: Who is in the annihilator

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    Hey Ed *(storm)
    I reckon you should think about putting a spinner on your robot (No, not an independant one with its own team)
    A vertical one perhaps that doesnt stop the robot being invertable
    Well, thinking about it it would be fantastic!
    (*Thinks of an x-terminator disc on storm at full charge*)

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    Have u not seen storm 2 running its powerfull enough as it is.

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    I think Ripper or Kan Opener would win this but Robochicken looks like a possible fave.

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    I think Flippa will go out round 1 (it didnt look like it could self-right)

    Then it will be properbly Raging Knightmare
    Then Kan Opener (via OOTA)
    Then Ewe 2 (via pit)
    Then Ripper (via judges)
    Giving Robochicken the championship mug.

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    Tbh I think that RK is actually quite a lot better than what many people think. As the team have said it does seem to improve year on year.

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    and they came second in the anhiolater 2 all the way back in robot wars extreme 1

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    mr dave,
    Kan-opener oota, very difficult due to the size and shape, its never happened,but not impossible of course.

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    I did say RK where a bit boring on the five forum but watching them again in the semifinals they actaully look very good and very powerful weapon, i take back my comment.

    Have u not seen storm 2 running its powerfull enough as it is

    Well, i just thought, it would be interesting to find out how high robots can fly, whilst bvits of shrapnel fly off in all directions...

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    I think Kan Opener could defend the title actually, as most of the robots in there seem to have thin armour.

    ...By the way, dont count Flipper out. We never saw them in action, so when theyre working they might be very good.

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    Kan Opener is a odd shape to flip out, but with 3 flippers aiming at it at once, it could go out.

    My predictions are properly wrong, as they always are.

    Raging Nightmare is good, any robot which attacks the house robots gets put into my robots I like notepad

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