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Thread: Wiever ytoow

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    I missed this heat as I couldnt get Channel 5 in Tenerife :sad:. Does anyone have a copy they could lend me?

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    No, but I can tell you what happened

    Bigger Brother vs URO vs Collosus 2 vs Typhoon 2

    Bigger Brother flipped Collosus and URO broke down.

    Iron Awe 2.1 vs Hammerhead 2(Dutch) vs Xenomorph vs Disconstructor

    Disconstructor drove into the pit and a judges decition went against Xenomorph. IA nearly flipped Killalot

    World Championship qualifier

    Gravity vs Tough as Nails vs Scraptosaur

    TAN pitted Scrap AND Gravity

    Bigger Brother vs Iron Awe

    Iron Awe flipped Bigger Brother OOTA (no, you DID read that correctly)

    Typhoon vs Hammerhead

    Hammerhead broke down after total obliteration

    Typhoon vs Iron Awe

    Iron Awe broke down after been spun everywhere.

    Thus, Tom B, you owe Iron Awe a MASSIVE apology for saying they wouldnt stand a chance.

    Only joking!

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    I think that Typhoon 2 needs to fight a walker.....mainly because it is the one thing Garry knows he can deal with without hurting it.

    (Garry, my threat is still active, I will put wheels on Mammoth and we can settle this one way or the other)

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