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Thread: Wiever ytoow

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    Guess the code on the thread title and win some of the sweetest FA in the world

    Melee 1

    Bigger Brother were well on top for the entire fight. Collousus seemed to have flipper troubles and were KOd quickly, and URO was bullied into submission and immobolisation. This was good for Typhoon, as they didnt seem to be spinning for much of the fight and were thrown over against the arena wall. Then they STARTED spinning, looking like a rather vicious spinning top as they did. Still, with two out before them they were safely through.

    Melee 2

    Disconstructor and Xenomorph looked nasty. For those that didnt hear, Disconostructor apparently uses the same motors for its disc as Storm 2 uses for drive. All in all it was a damn shame it drove itself in the pit. Xenomorph on the other hand seemed to be plagued with controll issues and were shoved around easily by Iron Awe, who looked the most impressive in this fight, as theyd axed Xenomorph numerous times and flipped Hammerhead once or twice. Despite what Craig was saying about no highlights I enjoyed this fight.

    World champ qualifiers

    I think this was the best qualifier match so far, as ALL the robots could have won, instead of what were normally treated to which is One strong robot against one robot which isnt as strong. But Scraptosaur was immediately disposed of by Tough as Nails, who then went on to spend most of the fight chasing and generally out-driving Gravity before finally catching it, being flipped twice, out driving it a bit more and shoving it in the pit. Phew! Maybe NOW people will believe me when I say Gravity is beatable

    ...Fight of the night by the way.

    Bigger Brother vs Iron Awe

    A very quick fight, meaning about 6 minutes of dodging around had to be taken out in the editing room Anyway, Bigger Brother was on top for most of the fight , so I was thinking Yup... Looks like the Iron Awe curse strikes again. However, and Im not entirely sure how it happened, they managed to outmanouver Bigger Brother and get ONE flip in, sending the number four seed crashing out! Good fight

    Typhoon 2 vs Hammerhead 2

    Typhoon 2 spun up to speed, Hammerhead 2 didnt have an answer. It really was that simple. However, I think Mentorn wanted Typhoon 2 to continue attacking Hammerhead as we havent seen many robots taken to pieces this series, so when Typhoon did the honourable thing and stopped attacking the house robots moved in... Blurgh.

    Iron Awe vs Typhoon 2

    Hmm... Again, Iron Awe failed to stop Typhoon spinning up and paid the concequences. Well this fight at least tells us why they had to put it back together for the Axe Attack. Poor old Iron Awe:sad:
    ...Still, they stayed in the arena this time. If theyd been thrown out, Id have suggested renaming it OOTA-Awe

    I WOULD have enjoyed this heat a lot more if certain people in the habit of wearing grim reaper costumes hadnt spoiled it for me about a month before series 7 was actually shown

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    dunno what you mean by fa but i will say anyway
    review wooty

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    Ooh, I dont know, could Wiever ytoow just possibly mean wooty review?

    Typhoon looks deadly. One to watch.

    (It has Thermidor next)

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