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Thread: Wiever ytoow

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    I think BB would of easily beat typhoon (sorry gary). BB has a 10mm thick Ti back plate, he could just keep driving backwards into him. This is all theory of course, nobody knows what might of happened.

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    More military inteligence then

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    Also, after Iron-Awe came in in the first melee, the announcer said, Iron-Awe, and, after a brief pause, 2.1, as if they said Iron-Awe, then somebody pointed out Its called Iron-Awe 2.1, not Iron-Awe!.

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    I dont think BB could have beat typhoon. The problem is that after a hit from typhoon, both robots are thrown into opposite directions. You would have to be very lucky to get into a position to flip typhoon before it got up to speed again. (I tried and failed, and so did iron-awe).

    I did think that the dropzone was a bit excessive though. I dont mind having my robot smashed to pieces by a competitor in a fair fight. But the dropzone actually did more damage to the internals of my robot (3 hawkers) than typhoon (broken magnets in 1 bosch).


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    So did the dropzone in the battle where Panic Attack 24k got smashed through the arenafloor by Terrorhurtz in S6. If you ask me theres nothing that exciting about the dropzone actually...

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    BB has a 10mm thick Ti back plate

    alan it may be 10mm thick however it is held in place with bolts, several yes, however these are the weakest point of any armour and against an opponent with such tough armour, our tactics wouldnt be to destroy the armour, but rather rip off the plate. But as u said, who knows? The only way to find out would be to battle.

    well we did a few quick calculations and we recon that we can deliever 40kj of energy at full pelt, however this doesnt take into acount weight distribution etc and i personnally believe the figure to be higher (hypno was at 12kj i think?)

    I agree that the dropzone is excessive, always. O and thanks Niels for the piece of polycarb (sorry about the mess we made)

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    Hmm...I think how much damage the drop zone does depends on what they drop. Railway tracks???

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