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Thread: Brilliant Heat

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    This was the best heat since well earlier in the series, what a suprise, Typhoon finally lives up to its potential,Gravity beaten by TAN which looks a real contender for the wars, Iron Awe gets the luckiest win for a long time and Bigger Brother goes out in the second round for the second time, and hammerhead and Iron Awe get trashed, If Typhoon gets spinning then it cannot be flipped, this means i think only X-terminator or possibly TAN which has quite strong armour could beat it

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    Those flaming house robots though, talk about getting the the way! Go Iron Awe though to try and flip Killalot! Their axe looked really impressive as well. Great heat

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    about 30 secs to get to top speed, but we never need it as u seen

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    Good luck in the semi-finals!

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    Im glad it wasnt working in qualifing

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    Why was the spinner not working in R1 ?

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