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Thread: Brilliant Heat

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    ye well stuart, we try to hide it but mammoth was really the first friend that typhoon had in the robot wars arena so its not surprising.

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    Gary, dont be too flattered! As a proto-builder, its in my interests to work out a strategy/design which would be effective against any given opponent - I can give you a list of things Id try against most designs. (The difficult bit, of course, is to come up with the best design against *all* opponents.) T2 is pretty formidable, though, so I dont deny its worth special attention. Its also got very low teeth for a spinner, so the traditional get-under-it approach might not be enough.

    Is Dominators nose that thin (assuming thats what you were referring to)? Im not as up on the stats as I should be; as with Storm, youd be hitting a wedge a glancing blow, rather than straight on a vertical surface, so Id expect the hit to be slightly less effective. Also, hitting a wedge, youre applying a lot of vertical force to Typhoon (but mostly a compression force to whatever you hit), meaning that any wedge which doesnt just deform on impact is going to act as a flipper (in that T2 will be thrown into the air, although probably not over). Also means Typhoons teeth take a heck of a whack in their weaker plane (although weaker is relative, I realise). The point I was trying to make was as much to do with the shape of the robot as with how thick its armour is. For example I suspect Razer would really struggle against Dominator 2 almost entirely because of the shape.

    Storm IIs up to 12mm of titanium in places, I gather, but the lifter makes the front edge far easier to penetrate (suddenly there are edges for the teeth to catch and pull plates off). Still, as with any robot (especially modern entrants) you dont have to mangle the armour to disable them - the same being just as true of T2, should it hit something hard and often enough.

    Anyway, I was just listing robots which might stand an above-average chance; whether that chance is greater than T2s chance of beating *them* remains to be seen (and, with my usual rant about spinners, probably depends more on their driving skill than it does on Garys). None of the above is a done deal.

    To add to my list of things that Gary can try to design around (he says as he spots the flaw in giving suggestions), I could also say: 1) Something like TaN, if it could get a grip, could wave T2 over the flame pit until the petrol engine died, which would make actually pitting it safer, and 2) Son of Whyachi would have a good go at T2 if the hammers are above the height of the spinner ring - not that SoW is in the same category.

    Sorry to put Gary in the position where he cant comment until all his fights are aired; I look forward to a stream of see, that doesnt work once theyre broadcast.

    I do think any robot not making a bee-line for the pit release if they cant reach T2 before it spins up is going to have made a serious tactical error, though. Guess well see in a couple of weeks. (Unless the petrol engine doesnt start again, in which case Ive been involved in some very anticlimactic threads).


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    anytime stuart and andrew i think i will wait until more of the series is shown to continue this thread because i dont want to accidentally give away any spoilers

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