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Thread: Brilliant Heat

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    Quite - Ive mooted several ideas on how one might build a robot which would be capable of defeating Typhoon2 (although most compromise the robot against non-fbs opponents a bit), but I think several robots have a shot against them.

    As you say, I suspect Storm2 may have the best shot against them (if they get that far), with Tornado not far behind - partly because theyre very solid, partly because they could get to them before theyre spinning very fast, and partly because they could pin them against a wall. If Firestorm avoid getting edge on, Id give them a chance too. The other flippers would probably have more trouble. If TaN gets their fast enough they could have them too, if TaN has enough grip.

    Of non-finalist competing robots, Id suggest Dominator (thick titanium armour, at least at the front, and an axe which could get stuck in T2 to hold it still) and THz (whack it hard enough to make the teeth hit the floor, then watch it *fly*) could have a go, if theyre careful. Something like 259 (if it was still around) or Warhead might be able to do as much damage as it took.

    Then there are those robots that might be able to immobilise the spinner, or at least get in its way in a melee. Kan Opener has done this in the past, and Im sure it and others could again.

    Finally, 13Black has a sporting chance of managing my thought about pushing it with a contrarotating disk, so long as it was the right way round. :-)

    What will actually happen, well have to see. Im generally against spinners, but in a field full of flippers (which I normally support) Im interested to see how theyll do. Im presuming nobody OOTAs them while theyre at full whack, because wed have heard about the casualties from the macrolon shrapnel...


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    andrew i hate to disappoint you but we can go through 5-6mm thick titanium very easily at full(ish) pelt. I like it that your taking such an interest in our robot and its interesting to see the ideas you come up with.

    im not going to say anything about potential opponents etc as any comment i make could be made out to be a spoiler

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