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Thread: Brilliant Heat

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    we had major problems getting the petrol engine started before each battle and we just couldnt get it running before round 1 and we were lucky to get it to go before our other battles. Hopefully well have the problem sorted for next year (if there is a next year), and no Ed that doesnt mean changing to electric!

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    Oh, so its petrol you use. I always thought that Typhoon 2 used a powerful motor. Is it protected from flames ? Otherwise itll join the RAF up in the sky

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    For the spinner its a 5hp chainsaw engine with a 1hp starter motor. Its not especially protected, well compared to anything else under the shell. I always wondered if it would look good if the shell was spinning and on fire.......

    cheers stuart, and well done on being immobolised after us in the feathers. It was gonna happen one day!

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    Assuming Firestorm makes it to the semis, wot semifinal line up would ppl like to see?

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    hazel has left the cdts. We dont really get fan mail so to speak, just a few letters now and again from the top brass of the RAF.

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    Only saw it today much to my great shame! Missed it last week, but boy it was a cracker, the best heat since heat D i should say. Great dutch fight too with TAN finishing of the hitherto invincible seeming Gravity, But of course the real focus is on typhoon 2, who looks to be a superb contender for the final championship. Not invulnerable, as shown by Bigger Brother in round 1, but very hard to beat once it starts to spin! In fact, once it spins, it is invincible, and id say that no flipper can/will beat it. I believe that the best hope against typhoon is a rammer that keeps coming like tornado, or even better, storm 2, as even the mighty gravity flipper would be rendered useless. But i hear that theyve got thermidor 2 in the semis, which should be a stroll, as soft wheels make easy meat and those claws could be eviscerated right open. But anyway, good luck to Typhoon, my second favourite in the semis.

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