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Thread: ONE show??

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    stu's Avatar

    Kat 3
    Panic Attack
    King B
    Bigger Brother

    All Stars will take up a whole show.
    Same format as a Heat in the main UK Series.
    2 x 4 way melees
    2 x semi
    1 final.

    Mr Stu

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    I think a 2nd World Championship-style tournament with all 16 seeds (minus ones like Ming) would have been better. Why are Kat and King B taking part?

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    It was going to be a competition for the Veterns or however you spell it, because as you know, alot of seeds dropped out soon. So they got a few bots like Panic Attack, Pussycat, Behemoth etc, but they were short of bots. So roobts like Dantomkia were invited (and as we know, Dantomkia is through to the semi final) And Dantomkia is a good bot, but not over 3 years old on RW. So then they called it the All Stars competition.

    Date is exspected to be 21st March.

    Mr Stu

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    Thanks Babs.

    Little Stu

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    I see what you mean.

    Dantomkia = Through to Semis
    Behemoth = in 6th series
    Kat 3 = in 5th series
    Panic Attack = winners of Series 2, in 6th series
    Pussycat = in 6th series
    King B = in 5th series
    Bigger Brother = runners-up in Series 5, in 5th series
    Firestorm = 3rd 3 times, in 6th series

    A lot of veterans.

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