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Thread: ONE show??

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    A pure veterans event? How about this...

    Supernova (Been around since Series 2)
    Panic Attack (Been around since Series 2)
    Firestorm (Been around since Series 2)
    Thermidor (Been around since Series 3)
    Pussycat (Been around since Series 1)
    Kat 3 (Been around since Series 3)
    King B Powerworks (Been around since Series 2)
    Bulldog Breed (Been around since Series 3, where it didnt move - always wanted to know why that happened)

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    Bulldog Breed only twitched and moved about 3 feet against Robopug, it was almost as if robopig got through by default. I think i heard something on the interview afterwards how Tony said there were drive problems which meant no power was generated, i could be wrong.

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    And of course, Shunt woke it up.

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    Anyway, looks like the line-up will be (my predictions for it next to it);

    Panic Attack - Kat 3 - Firestorm 5 - Bigger Brother (Predictions - Firestorm and Bigger Bro)

    Pusssycat - Dantomkia - King B Powerworks - Behemoth (Predictions - Dantomkia and Pussycat)

    Of course, judging from the preview clip, they go and turn it into a House Robot Rebellion!

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    Actually, it looked like the three robots with lifting mechanisms have a go, while Kat busies itself with Cassius Chrome...

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    Its great to see the HRs getting repeatedly battered.

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