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Thread: ONE show??

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    I do know that Panic Attack and Firestorm meet up again somewhere along the line here...I know the result but wont spoil it.

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    Like Ed said, it dont mean that it wont be a good show, if anything the producers loved the show. And u dont have to get to the final of RW to be an All Star. Some bots are just great to watch fight, and the teams are great fun.

    Mr Stu

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    In most events (not just RW) All Stars means the ones who are available and are likely to be recognisable to the majority of viewers. In some events it means arent in the running any more, but people know who they were. Id say Kat 3 qualifies for recognition, and Gravity is highly recognisable!

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    Fascinating. Should have been kept to veterans though, as lacking robots like bulldog breed and thermidor, and new ones like typhoon and gravity doesnt quite make it a strictly all star competition.

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    eh, were not in the allstars comp

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    Sorry bout the confusion gary, what i meant to say was that by lacking such impressive newcomers to the main event such as yourself doesnt quite add up somehow.

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