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Thread: Predictions

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    Id say X-Terminator and Gravity. Not really sure though.

    Also, am I the only won to notice a pattern of the second seed usually going out in the last round of the semis?

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    How can the 2nd seed be in the semis. Firestorms heat is next week.

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    No, look;

    In Series 2 (there were a few seeds then), Mortis, the 2nd seed (who DIDNT finish second!), was beaten by Panic Attack in the last round of the semi-finals.

    In series 5, Pussycat was beaten by Firestorm in the last round of the semis.

    In series 6, Bigger Brother was beaten by Terrorhurtz in the last round of the semis.

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    Itll have been a hat-trick if it happens to Firestorm

    If Wild Thing had got back a late attack, then Hypno-Disc probably wouldnt have gone through. Remember, there was only 1 point in it.

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    I think that Gravity and Xterminator will get into the grand final, with bulldog breed and tornado making up the other two robots to get into round 2.

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