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Thread: Predictions

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    Now I know Heat O hasnt been screened yet & youre all thinking why has he done this early?. Well 1 reason Im doing the predictions early is because Im flying out to Tenerife on Friday meaning (if I cant recieve Channel 5 in Tenerife) I may be unable to watch Heats O & P, plus Ill be posting my semi-final predictions on the Semi-Final 1 page. Anyway heres my predictions for Heat P.

    Bamm Bamm: This Dutch spinner could whip up a storm.

    Black & Blue: This new robot from Team Mousetrap could snap up a victory or 2.

    Daisy Cutter: Not so sure.

    Firestorm 5 (2): If this was Razers heat, Razer wouldnt have survived. Firestorm could make it but the 3 mentioned above could gang up against the no. 2 seeds.

    Aggrobot: The Leach brothers return with a tougher Aggrobot & lets be honest, they could lose a bit of aggro

    Reptirron the Second: Back & working better. Possibly 1 to watch.

    Ripper: This is a perfect machine from the team that entered T Bone in RW5. Heat finalists, Id say.

    Zorro: Reminds me of Son of Whyachi from Battlebots. But will it be successful?

    HOT TIPS: Black & Blue, Firestorm 5, Ripper & Zorro

    Very difficult this, it would be either Firestorm, Ripper or Zorro. Not so sure. What do you lot think?

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    Bamm bamm is actually an axe with a separately moving turret so its easyer to aim. An intresting design.

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    The extremely incompetent brainless failed-JP-clone of a voice-over from the second Dutch Robot Wars Series once called Bamm Bamm the sweetheart of the audience. -*disgusted look*- Maybe the paintjob did it. -*even more disgusted look*- No robot should be considered c-u-t-e !

    Except Growler though... aahh hes such a softy really... chubby and pat-magnetic like...

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    If this were Razers heat, then Firestorm wouldnt be you see??

    Id have to go for Firestorm for this one....that robot is so controlled, so powerful...its difficult to see it being stopped so early in the wars.

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    Agreed. While there are some good looking machines in the final heat, I dont think any will be able to stop the second seed.

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    I also agree. Fire stroms heat but black and blue are a very intresting cluster bot and may give firestrom a scare

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    My prediction is Firestorm to win this heat, I like Firestorm very much however I would like the cluster bot to maybe make it to the heat final.

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    I think Rippers scoop looks very low and if it meets firestorm then it could get under it and toss it OOTA. I only say because teh scoop looks very effective.
    Also, i predict that if they do meet it will be in the heat final, and if they dont Ripper will go out in the second round

    Entirely Predictions
    (ive never even seen ripper before, jsut taht preview)

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    WOW, im going to frame that post, someone complimenting our robot ???? that€™s a first LOL Only kidding.

    We shall see. !!

    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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    my son thinks that firestorm5 will be succesfull in this heat (sorry johnno)but i have to agree as grahams driving is so much improved from the earlyer years rippers got class but firestorm5 kicks

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