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Thread: Predictions

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    I think Rippers scoop looks very low and if it meets firestorm then it could get under it and toss it OOTA. I only say because teh scoop looks very effective.
    Also, i predict that if they do meet it will be in the heat final, and if they dont Ripper will go out in the second round

    Entirely Predictions
    (ive never even seen ripper before, jsut taht preview)

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    WOW, im going to frame that post, someone complimenting our robot ???? that€™s a first LOL Only kidding.

    We shall see. !!


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    my son thinks that firestorm5 will be succesfull in this heat (sorry johnno)but i have to agree as grahams driving is so much improved from the earlyer years rippers got class but firestorm5 kicks

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