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Thread: Curious...

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    Thats ok. Been there and done that myself a few times

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    The wheelchair motor comment is mainly an observation that a lot of first time robots are relying on wheelchair motors, with their existing gearboxes, and running them at reccommended voltages.
    This is very much what was happening in the beginning, then we moved on to bigger and more powerful solutions.

    I was simply pointing out that as a community, we were seeing what others had done, and using their knowledge and experience to push further. It seems many newcommers are not aware of the previously tried and tested methods and so we should be making efforts to reach these people and introduce ourselves, not to improve their machines as a priority, but as its clear from the old skool styles of the robots that they might not be aware of the live sceen, and the FRA, thats all I was saying.

    Typhoon...... to be honest you could have said Drill motors and Id have believed you. I think you guys are the exception that proves... well... rips up and eats the rules.

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    Gary Cairns
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    lol no prob james

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    Dig, Sump Thing, in my opinion, may not have been 1 of my fave robots but it was a wicked piece of kit. Whats the current status of Sump Thing & whats happened to it?

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    Last time i seen sumpthing it was residing in the Enginuity museum.

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    Hmm, come to think of it, I remember the next 2 or 3 issues of Real Robots mentioning that Sump Thing now resides at Enginuity.

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