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Thread: Curious...

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    Yeah Tom, know how you feel - imagine our surprise when after a few years on the tele another team appeared using our team name Team Tetanus - yould kinda think Mentorn would look out for these things or at the very least the imposters would have run it through a search engine...

    Anyhow, we got over it - why we ever decided to call ourselves after summut that ends in an ass ill never know!

    Ha, ha! - on that note ill bid you well

    - EZ guys, Dig (Of da SUMP)

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    Did you enter Sump Thing this year

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    Xenomorph is a blatant copy The Master...

    Mr Grimm and Mr Cairns your comments could have counted as spoilers by hindsight. Oh well, well done to both of you for putting on a good show. I think that the speed at which Typhoon moves is similar to that of Ziggo!

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    I have seen the master and they do look similar but as far as im concerned that is as far as it goes.
    Oh yeh, and well done to Gary and Rob!

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    Hear, hear! - Nice job Gary, Rob - Fully entertaining TV!

    No Jamie, no SUMPTHING this year - we kinda felt that as the Wars went by our struggle has become more of the up-hill variety

    Its our learned opinion that it takes a lot more than simple skid steer, on /off control and luck (most of it bad) to pulverize current oposition...

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    HEY! Doesnt Xenomorph look like Sumpthing????

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    ya dont say!
    thought there were a few robots in it this year that we 2 or 3 years out of date, not to take anything away from them, but a lot of wheelchair motors are creeping back in.
    think we should be encouraging these new roboteers to visit the fra site... missed oppertunity during filming I think

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    typhoon_driver's Avatar

    Gary Cairns
    Hornet 2 - retired Boner - retired Smidsy - Sold 540 - Sold PP3D - Active
    wots wrong with wheelchair motors?

    Thats wot we use for drive in typhoon 2 and typhoon

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    The only problem with Wheel Chair motors is that you use them......if we ban them then some of us might even get an offensive move in once in a while.

    Typhoon was built without knowledge of Ziggo indicating that great minds do think alike

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    ya dont say!


    Yes, I can be a total idiot (and most probably am), but at least im not an idiot who posts hundreds of spoilers on series 7 on top of annoying and insulting everyone on it beforehand)

    In my posh A - grade style writing I managed to write a formal e-mail to five about the Man U person. cant believe he heasnt gone already.
    Sorry dont let this make you go off topic

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