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Thread: Does a wooty review mean the woot reviews, or the woot is re

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    Well I think we may have underestimated TAN, brilliant again tonight, I seriously doubt that Bulldog Breed will beat it

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    Well thats perhaps so Jamie but remember how close Robochicken V TAN was? And it could have gone either way really. Plus Bulldog Breed seems to be much stronger than Robochicken, especially in terms of drive power. Think of Bulldog: fast, very powerful, flipper, strong armour. TAN couldnt really get a worse match up. But yeah, TAN could well win.

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    Cos of that idiot on the five forum i know the outcome of this and im really disappointed. Looking at it if i hadnt known it looks like a great line-up. Shame :sad:
    Also due to a pic on the five website giving away a fight.
    Hate that Man U really...
    (dont worry, i wont say what happens)

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    Saw this on saturday, sad to say perhaps one of the most boring heats so far. Annoyed that an exceptionally worthy semi finalist like spawn again went out on bad luck alone, but hey, thats the fun of building multi thousand pound costing machines, i suppose.

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    Kronic 2 exploded when Terrorhurtz fought it in S6, and lost a lot of its spines

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