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Thread: Heat N Review

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    Andrew Jackson
    OverDrive, TransparAnt
    Spawn Again: Looked excellent early on, but I think we saw its weaknesses in the next to battles. Shame to see the flipper go band like that, and shame to see it go bang on the after the break bit. Stupid Five

    NEATer Machine: Looked OKish, but one of the weaker Dutch machines Id say

    Chip: I actually thought last years one was better, poor display :sad:

    ROTAS: Good to see it working properly for once, that spinning ring made a bit more deadly and fix a few reliability probolems and it should do well

    Raging Nightmare: Lucky to get through round 1 IMO, but did well to fight back in Round 2, again possibly lucky. And then of course very lucky in the heat final, once Spawns flipper was gone though it was a great display getting rid of it!

    Topbot: Everyone thought this would win, what happened? :wink: The disc went early on, it was that flustraiting Psycho lost his head!

    The Executioner: Nice to see it back and lose in round 1 again The spinning weapon looked pretty leathal to me though!

    R.O.C.S: We finally know what it stands for! R....erm, what was it again? Looked very impressive against Spawn in round 2. If only it wouldnt have let go :sad:

    JPs Quote of the night: (Counting the flips of RN) 10...8...

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    steven_mcg's Avatar

    Glasgow, Scotland
    ...erm...Andy? Ive know that ROCS meant Radio Operated Combat System since its first appearance in S2 (rewatched its Heat last week)

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    Ello spawn was unlucky but hey knightmare did well. Top robot

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    beast's Avatar

    8645T B2 Beauty2 and Beauty8
    Lichfield Staffs
    thats why you dont use a LP ram on HP syatem but I take it they will change there system any way

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    Of course, lets not forget Terror Turtle and Snakebite, both of whom also played their part. But Snakebite played more of their part. And Terror Turtles. Breaking their part.

    Now Craigs gonna have to learn Swish pretty quickly now.

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    The Executioner was an impressive piece of kit; although it had serious problems getting the disk close to anyone. If the wedge was shallower/the disk was lower, I reckon it way more effective.

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    im waiting 4 franks review

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    Oops, my first post & it didnt seem to work. Oh well, Ill try again.

    Mike, in answer to your post, our scoop got bent when we hit Raging Knightmare head on. From then on it acted like a bumper, keeping our weapon away from the other robots, very frustrating. We had a weapon that was working fine, but we just couldnt use it. Was it us that knocked Mr Psychos head off? Unfortunately the camera was the wrong side of Mr P. to see who hit him.

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