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Thread: Featherweight och Heavyweght

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    Stefan, this is the Swedish part of the forum, so dont expect people to speak english here, but Ill make an exception this time.

    Joacim said that he had been donated two scrap motors, and he wondered what type of speed controller that would be suitable.

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    Perhaps youre right, especially since the Robot Wars forum is about to close.

    But he also asked all the Swedish roboteers to post something about there robot, which would have been difficult to do in the other sections of the forum. Another thing worth mentioning is that he probably wanted a Swedish manufacturer, since that would decrease the cost.

    Anyhow, the motors which he had found will only draw about 5A or similar, so a RoboteQ might be a little waste of money!

    Joacim, om det bara rr sig om 12V s fungerar vanliga reler frn till exempel>

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    Since there are a few people who enjoy translating our posts (*cough* Maddox *cough*), perhaps this could be of any help?

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    Joacim, a relay works in the same way as normal switch, just that its controlled by an electric current. So you feed it with a small current, then the relay can switch relatively large currents.

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