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Thread: Predictions

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    Well, with a line up like this one, Id darent hazard a guess.

    But was that a flying disk I saw in the preview clip?!

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    David Weston
    Divinity Little Devil Baby Hell Stewie FIN Bulletproof Kill-a-Chav St Jimmy Satanix Hell's Angel
    Carterton, Oxfordshire
    yeah, and, having seen the robot before, I would suggest it came from Top-bot

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    Neater Machine is a Dutch axebot. With the way the previous Dutch machines did go(Gravity, Scraptosaur ,Tough As Nails and the less lucky Tartarus), try to predict that.

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    Dont forget Twister. Anyway here are my predictions

    Spawn Again (6): Definately, it will make the semis.

    NEATer Machine: Back for more punishment, will they be axed? Maybe

    Chip: Unlucky in the New Blood, but maybe some success

    Revenge of Trouble & Strife: Id say an improvement by 1 or 2 rounds

    Raging Knightmare: Will they be raging on or having a terrible time

    Topbot: Scrapbot more like.

    The Executioner: Could axe itself here

    ROCS: Will it be a ROCky ride or a success? Unsure.

    HOT TIPS: Chip, Spawn Again and Revenge of Trouble & Strife

    Gotta be Spawn again, they make the semis no what.

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    blazerbotics's Avatar

    Apollo, Merlin, MONTE, Ratchet, BattleAxe and Goliath
    Leicester UK
    either spawn or knightmare.

    spawn, done better in previous wars, big flipper.

    knightmare, made the heat final twice (beaten by razer in S6 and spawn 2 in series 4). they also only live in the next town to us!

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    ROCS will probably end up bleeding hydraulic fluid ten seconds into the match.

    Trouble and Strife was really impressive in last years Annhilator, as was Raging Reality (Knightmare).

    Id love to see those shiny panels of Spawn ripped off.

    I think Chip have lost a pair of wheels, and have a Mag driven disk. Could be nasty.

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    I would have to say spawn.

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    Im going with Topbot, that spinner looks rather deadly.

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    Not when its lying on the floor.

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    Meh, I still think Topbot stands a chance. :P

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