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Thread: An eggscellent heat, reviewed. Wootily.

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    Melee 1

    Quite a hesitant fight for everyone but Edge Hog, who I felt did the best in this melee, as it was only a double team by the Welsh boys that got rid of it. Before that theyd been hapilly thwacking everything in sight.. Both Mega Morg and Panic Attack seemed to be slow off the mark, and Spin Doctor never got off it as it failed to spin and was tipped over by Panic Attack.

    Melee 2

    Tough as Nails very efficiently disposed of Disc-O-Inferno, a favourite with some to win the entire heat! Robochicken got rid of the much pondered Blades of Destruction, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. And Robochicken, for the first time in two years, gets past the opening melee. As Mr burns would almost say... Eggggscellent *Does the wooty chicken dance*

    Featherweight melee

    I think what the house robotos did to Micro Mute was disgusting. Is it any wonder there are less and less smaller robots each year, when the HRs make a point of destroying them? Adam looked MAD when he left the controll booth and I honestly dont blame him

    Tough as Nails vs Panic Attack

    A long, slow, tense fight even though Panic Attack just didnt seem to have an answer to what Tough as Nails was doing to it. Meanwhile Tough as Nails seemed to have problems grappling with Panic Attack, and was being out pushed slightly so they couldnt have it all their own way. Good fight.

    Robochicken vs Mega Morg

    A bit of a barny at first, as both robots tried to ruffle each others feathers, while scrathing around for a weakness. In the end, it was Robochicken who plucked up the courage, and flew in to fire a fatal flip... Then in a display of fowl play, hit Mega Morg with the disc a few times.

    Robochicken vs Tough as Nails

    In a bizarre twit-around style display, this time it was Tough as Nails who was floundering, semmingly unable to stop Robochicken having its way as it was flipped, winged, and shoved it around. After a while Tough as Nails managed to recover from that right basting and proceeded to batter Robochicken all over the arena. I think after it was damaged by Tough as Nails, Shunt and was held against the arena angle drinder for a while, Robochicken was stuffed, even after putting up a really plucky display, making this... Fight of the night

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    TAN did quite a bit of damage to Robochickens armour, and damage counts for quite a lot: TQ0YwMDI4LkpQRw== RTQ0YwMDI4LkpQRw==

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    On my robots homepage you can find some damage pictures of heat M.
    The modifications were made before the fight against P.A. for added grip (we hoped).

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