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Thread: Heat M - Controversial?

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    I think there were two instances of controversy in this heat:
    * The featherweight melee. Doesnt anyone else think that while Gianto didnt do much, it was still twitching some time after Whipper wasnt moving at all?
    * The heat final. Robochicken was struggling at the end, but it seemed to be on top for much longer. Then again, it didnt cause any damage to Tough As Nails - I suppose it could have gone either way due to damage points.

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    I thought the Mute thing was disgraceful, totally over the top
    I was really annoyed at Disco Inferno though, just in the wrong place at wrong time

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    Id like to have seen Disco Inferno test the strength of TANs armour...

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    Poor Mute Team. I hope you got some money back from the makers for that damage.

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    One of the flips from Robochicken knocked a panel of the back of TAN, it was quite visible.

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    I thought what they did to Micro-Mute was disgusting. Maybe all the damage makes good telly for some people, but all the people Ive been talkingt o about it just found it painful to watch.

    If Mentorn WANT more Featherweights to enter, they have to stop putting them in with the really damaging house robots. I wouldnt want to enter if I knew Psycho would run over my machine should I lose.

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    TAN does have some damage from robochicken. It sliced through one of the weldings, but I dont think it was visible on tv. Also I cant remember if that happend in the first round or in the final.

    Im shure that TANs armour can handle a few impacts from Disco Inferno. At full speed he might be able to slice though the armour. But I was far more scared that he would destroy the wheels. So I took the first chance I got to take him out. And Im still surprized that i got more tracktion then him.

    I must say that I was very lucky with the judges decicions. They did let me win on damage points. If the fights would be 30 sec. longer, Id lost. In 1 fight I didnt had enough energy left to drive out of the Arena.

    That panel must have been the aerial. That happens more often.

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    Mike you have seen the arial support flying away.
    Not a piece of armour, take it from me.

    And Yes, there was some real damage to robochicken, like a huge gaping hole in the sidepannel.

    And Jeroen, sliced trough a weld. Made a dent the size of a matchstick sounds more like it.

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    Dont any of you remember sir-killalot on top of my first bot, Mini-Maul? He ripped it to shreads... Having 500-750kg house robots in with 12kg bots is really quite stupid. But with the new genaration of featherweights just round the corner, we should be able to fight back!
    Cheers, Ewan

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    Those jaws on TAN did more work than the show gave them credit for. Seeing Robochicken shoved across the arena at speed was a delight to watch.

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