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Thread: L-o, L-o, we have a wooty review

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    Melee 1

    Demolition Man looked a lot meaner that its S6 incarnation... Pity we never saw it do anything, as that disc looked NASTY.
    Corkscrew, I felt, was disappointing as weve seen them do some major damage before, yet I dont think they spun up once this time around.
    Mute... I think their drive is too powerful, as they were shooting straight under robots without much in the way of flipping. Although from what I remember of the fight, they were instrumental in killing Demolition Man off.
    Judge Shred 3 was the best robot in this melee, tipping Corkscrew over a few times and threw it OOTA.
    The two flipper robots wisely kept clear of each other... A good melee to start off the show

    Melee 2

    Behemoth looked very strong, immediately disposing of Tarurus. The team never DID find out what the robot did, did they.
    Crushtacian was kept out of the action for a long time as well, as it was bullied and shoved around by UFO and Behemoth.
    UFOs weapon may not have been working, but the druiver was more than competant, and I think they did very well as just a wedge bot, and JP was very unfair on them. Seeing Behemoth extract some OOTA style revenge on Crushtacian was oddly fitting

    German melee

    Angsar - Ouch. We never saw what Repear was capable of as it was instantly KOd, and IBOB seemed to be having the same problems that plagued them earlier in the series. Im looking forward to seeing more of Angsar.

    Behemoth vs Mute

    As I predicted, the heat final we most wanted to see happened instead in the second round... And it was a bit disappointing. A bit of dodging, one attack by Behemoth, one spec-TAC-ular self right from Mute, they managed to bean Behemoth and Behemoth went... Nuts. Not the jaw droppingly chaotic nuts King Buxton did in Extreme 1, this was the sad kind of nuts which makes you think Oh no, there goes a potentially good fight:sad:
    ...Also, being killed by a self right is possibly the worst luck theyve ever had. What does everyone else think?

    Judge Shred vs UFO

    This was a better fight, although mostly dominated by the judge. It was kinda reminiscent of Chaos 2s semi final clash with steg 2 in series 4. UFO came back a bit and shoved Judge Shred around, but with one final flip, Judge Shred gave UFO a restraining order.

    Judge Shred vs Mute

    Mutes self righting - hillarious. JPs remark about gymnastics was right on the mark.
    With both machines showing good aggression, some great flips and awesome (if eventual) self rights, this has to be fight of the night.

    I can see some people about to come in and start shouting about the decision... To be fair I have no idea if its right or not. The Judge got more flips in, so more aggression. Mute self righting can probably out-style Razer, both were well controlled... But the Judge was limping at the end so Mute had done more damage. Much closer than it looked I think.

    Pierce watch

    Angsar 3 is a walker so... Cumbersome. This said AFTER we see it tear into the arena.

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    I know, i thought they could take the arena wall out.

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    Who actually won?

    I never get to see robot wars and you report does not say who won.

    Please tell me

    Ian Mc Donald

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    it was the mute machine

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    best bit:

    on Mutes spec page, the weakness read; Vunerable to Pits.

    A weakness that is actually true!

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    Mute? In a pit? Nah, Ive never seen that happen :P

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