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Thread: L-o, L-o, we have a wooty review

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    If Mute did do it, youd get to name it

    Pi-mech anyone? (Or was that Tornados frame? )

    Something like Sri-mech anyway, but to do with the pit :wink:

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    I think he meant arena Chris. There was some speculation on the RW forum if Mute could self-right itself right outa of the arena

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    oh i was wondering cus you wouldnt get out the roaming robots one because its fully enclosed.

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    I liked the look of the new Corkscrew, I felt that it was unfortunate that the two spinners went out to two flippers again

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    Im only doing it here, because its the first one I realised on, but perhaps we should do Goacher Watch as in his hast to mock Mr Commentator Man hes managed to spell Mr Pearces name wrong, however I apologis if that was deliberate!

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