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Thread: L-o, L-o, we have a wooty review

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    Without being there at the time I have no way to know how long it was imobile at the end (if it was), but like our heat final it also went on over 6 minutes and we lost by 1 point so the extra time seems to be common in close fights. They edited ours so that to me it looked like we were on top for most of the fight where it was infact the other way around so it doesnt suprise me that they edited it like that.

    Adam, how much battery power was left at the end? We discharged the batteries after ours and found less that 300mAh left!!

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    ok.... well adam, please dont change it as its great for the live events.

    Cant wait to see you in the semis.


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    He means dont change it Tom it was looks great
    wonder if Mute could selfright back into the arena after an oota now that would be good to see and what would JP say about that

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    and my robot is in heat P ... Ripper

    watch the titanium sparks fly !!!!


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    I think the trajectory of Mutes selfrighting is not steep enough to get it out of the Robotwars arena. It might get out of the Roaming Robots one.

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