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Thread: L-o, L-o, we have a wooty review

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    We actualy wrote on the entry form pit homing device, but for some reason robot wars changed it to vunerable to pits.


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    I liked Behemoths weakness

    Found the pit once too offen

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    An interesting enough heat, but i must moan about the heat final decision...although the judge did look like it had gained a limp by the end...i saw at least 5 successful flips and not a single time did mute turn the judge over. I had to wonder what was going on?
    Still, Mute is a very good machine and the semis will be all the better for its presence. I suppose they got back for their unfair new blood final decision.
    And about pierce watch, any footy fans on here will know that he is a good and knowledgeable commentator. I think that many people are too harsh with criticism of him. Besides, is there anybody better? (suggestions please).

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    I think the decision should have been in the judges favor, at least from what we saw.
    Also i must ocmment on Behemoth v Mute were tehr house robot sdid hardly any damage at all. And the mute v judge fite didnt last very long at all. Although im glad mute got through to the semis, from the evidence of what we saw on tele, the judge should have gone through. sorry for any mistakes - i am very tired

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    Had time to watch it last night, The heat final seemed short but there was alot of editing going on. Ive not heard it for sure, but I think that the judge was imobile at the end and it was edited to make it look closer. For the last few seconds it seemed as if they only had drive on one side, if thats the case then mute should have won. If anyone saw it did they drive back to the bullpen under their own steam?

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    if a robot breaks down at the end of a fight.. surely it needs to be counted out before being deemed immobile.

    And points lost, not fight automatically lost.

    Hence the judges decision.

    While Mute is by far the most spectacular robot while self righting....

    Style and control????? spending 30 seconds trying to self right doesnt appear stylish and controlled to me, much better to just roll over back onto its wheels and fight on.

    Thats the world of tv for you.


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    The fight was over seven minutes long, so as you can imagine a great deal of footage was missing. The editing seemed to concentrate more on getting the bits in of us selfrighting. We had used our rear flipper a number of times and this was only shown once. After the fight the judges were asked about the scores and we had won by 1 point, which was given to us for style. We seem to have a thing with 1 point decisions

    I think it was a bit quicker than 30 seconds for self righting. Mutes self rights have damaged other robots at live events and extreme, so in a way it could be classed as a form of attack, 100kg hammer


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