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Thread: Heat Predictions

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    Seeing that the FRA has chosen to delete my post i will try it on hear.

    Dear roboteers

    It is with great regret i am announcing my withdrawal from Area rep for Scotland

    My belief in joining the FRA was to make a difference for you the UK roboteers and to try and help develop our sport so that with the demise of Rw the community would not disappear. I have over the last 3 months been both verbally threatened and threats of legal action were soon to follow. I find this in light of the claims of the FRA being sued to be double standards as no action was taken against this company

    I would like to point out that this only started after raising concerns as to both the decisions the FRA were making and in my opinion were not getting the best deal for you.

    My original idea was to purchase the RW arena for the community and for the FRA to instruct the UK Event organisers as to its use.
    The community would have been able to hold the BIG EVENT annually and to shape the future of your sport without the constraints of TV production Companies goals.
    Within discussions in the FRA it was decided to go with the plan from Phantom Events a new comer to our group.
    Alternative proposal were put forward by BTP which i had been asked to help develop but at the last minute the withdrawal of robo dome as the arena to be used forced the alternative plan into obscurity.

    The current dispute within the FRA is in my opinion is both without merit and have stated publicity that i believe that this was the wrong course of action. I will defend both directors of BTP for their ability to state their opinion even if i dont always agree with it as I would yours.

    Today i relayed my fears that the FRA instead of helping promote was making potentially libels claims against FRA members and asked that the posts be removed from the forum also and informed the voting committee that i would take legal action against them if they did not remove this.

    It may not be clear but i was never asked about this course of action and never voted for it This seams to be the way the FRA is being run and if my opinion is not being asked for then i see no point in being a representative as if in future your opinion will be ignored.

    After conversations tonight i have now withdrew the legal action but still believe the decision was wrong and withdrew it only to save the FRA from more embarrassment.

    For the future i am at present building a class one arena with the help of Robot Crusade and intend to develop this resource for your use and hope that i can count on your support in the future, as to the future of the FRA i have no idea and would not be informed anyway.

    There may well follow claims of my financial envelopment with BTP but as of this date i have no more or less financial sway with the decisions of BTP than you. The arena will be made available for hire to the hole community after the its first outing at RAF Cosford.

    On a personal note in all the dealings with BTP I have always found them to be trying to help promote the roboteers Rights and help further our sport. I find the comments made by others as to their goals totally untrue and out of context
    I hope this will be the last comment i need to make concerning the FRA but somehow doubt it.

    I wish the new rep the best of luck in the future and hope he can better represent your opinions

    John Heatlie

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    My i apologies for the multiy posts all will become clear.

    John Heatlie

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