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Thread: J spot a wooty review... OK that doesn't work does it.

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    Melee 1

    Mobot... We never saw what he could do, but that spinning bar did look tasty. Well, I like to eat spinning bars anyway. Ooh look, theres Fluffy! *chomp*
    Mighty Mouse, we didnt see much of as the cameras only seemed trained on him when Thetmy was attacking him.
    8645t was never allowed to get going, but looked capable enough.
    The best part was Thermy though... It didnt break down

    Melee 2

    Pinser looks quite nice. It got some good attacks on Kronic and Cobra... Shame it broke down. Ladies and gentlemen, I prsent... The new Razer
    Cobra... Never saw what, if anything, it could do.
    Kraken never got involved in the fighting much. Couple of slams and scratched Cobras armour, but others were hogging the limelight.
    Kronic the Wedgehog has never looked stronger, even though it did get attacked a few times by Pinser.

    Riptillion vs Hard

    Um... Hard was stronger. Not much else I can say. Well done guys.

    Thermidor vs Kraken

    A war of attrition really. Thermy was well on top for most of the fight, but Kraken did get a few shoves in. Id say this fight was a learning process for the Kraken team... They know a few flaws with it, and hopefully theyll build on that and come back stronger. A team with potential i think
    Fght of the night for me.

    Kronic vs Mighty Mouse

    Entertaining, but short. Damn you kronics speed controllers, you win THIS time!

    Thermy vs Mighty Mouse

    This fight had me in STITCHES. Just like a Tom and Jery cartoon, except Thermy didnt get hit by any anvils or run into the wall in an amusic manner... The bit where they were circling the Refbot was my favourite bit... I was going to give this the fight of the night award, but then i looked up fight in the dictionary. Well done to Mighty Mouse anyway... Some real plucky performances and the best theyve ever done in the wars. A definite thumbs up from me

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    yay thermy in the semifinals!

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    at last

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    Another flipper joins the ranks...

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    After the fight we found out that it was a siezed motor which caused our downfall, not a broken speed controller as I originally suspected. The motor burned out because the driver and driven sprockets became misaligned, causing a lot of tension on the motor. Wont happen next year!


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    Hey Tom, are there any match ups we know for definite in the semis so far? Fights line ups that we know? You seem to know whos fighting who...

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    Hes using the poster chart from a robotwars magazine probably, and filling in the spots as fighting progresses.

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    No, from the program.

    The magazine stopped a long time ago.

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    Did it?

    Didnt know that, being dutch and all.

    I did get a book when i was there, but i saw no poster inside. Guess it wasnt the programme then.

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