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Thread: J spot a wooty review... OK that doesn't work does it.

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    Well lets see George, anyway a friend of mine has a wallchart hence I know the semi-final line-ups. But Heats A & E are mixed up, so heres the actual line-up along with my early predictions (in brackets) on the remaining heats:

    Tornado (Seeded 1) Vs Heat N (Spawn Again)
    Dantomkia (Seeded 5) Vs Gravity
    St Agro Vs X-Terminator (Seeded 11)
    Heat K (Bulldog Breed [Seeded 12]) Vs Heat M (Disco Inferno)

    Heat L (Behemoth [Seeded 10]) Vs Heat P (Firestorm 5 [Seeded 2])
    Grim Reaper Vs Storm 2 (Seeded 16)
    Thermador 2 (Seeded 14) Vs Heat O (Bigger Brother [Seeded 4])
    Atomic Vs M2

    Unfortunately Ill be missing Heats O & P because Ill be in Tenerife from Febuary 6th to Febuary 20th. Can Channel 5 be recieved in Tenerife (even through Sky)?

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    Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK
    Its on Sky as free-to-view at least on digital - I dont know about the analogue service though.

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