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Thread: Team Storm Write Up

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    Thanks Tom. The next SA will have 4 times more axe power, will be smaller and more manoeuvrable and have a front flipper too. Hopefully it will be all the things that SA never managed to be!

    The arena is definitely not up to it any more for some of todays robots. It has come a long way though - just look back at some of the early shows and see how much its been improved.

    Is it just me, or does this thread seem to have wandered off the subject a bit?

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    Hoogvliet, The Netherlands

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    Ed, the following statement below was mentioned on the Robot Wars Series 7 Discussion Menu under the Grand Final topic.

    *The climax to the 7th Wars with the top 3 robots being offered places into the World Championships to represent the UK.*

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    No - Im not questioning that Tom, Im questioning where you got our desire to get into the World Champs from

    Ed, its a fantastic machine however if you wanted to get to the World Championships....

    I just wondered why you suddenly felt the need to point that out and explain that although its a fantastic machine, I would however have to finish in the top three ?

    Seemed an odd statement to make.

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    Yes, in one context it could mean that storm finished where mr tom said.

    But in another context, it could mean something else.

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    Sorry I didnt explain properly, Ed. Anyway good luck at Ironbridge in March (if Storm 2 is fighting)

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    I didnt see at it as a spoiler Tom, and of course were love to win the Big One but there are some very large shoes to fill there from a previous two times winner !


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