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Thread: Team Storm Write Up

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    But but but but but, the movment of the lift must have created some sort of weight un balanece, or kj of energy, or something that that that made steel avenger go out the arena. you you you still moved your weapon.

    Mr Stu
    -I know he was right before he even posted :sad:, still worth the work up tho

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    can i just point out that ed has been blurting all year long that storm 2 is itself a weapon with so much kj of force and all that so you did actually use a weapon to oota steel avenger.

    oota without the use of a weapon....taken away

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    OOTA without the use of a weapon happens in every battle, when the robots drive/are taken out of the arena.

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    Run along spinner boy

    Mr Stu

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    If Storm 2 rams into the side wall at full power, with another robot ramming it out of the arena. Will the forces involved damage the arena wall?

    Dave, who was trying to be funny, but it didnt work in the last post.

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    ive seen Storm II in a fight with Das Gepack in the roaming robots arena in Holland. during a couple of slams by Storm II i saw the entire arena move 3 inches. Both Das Gepack and Storm II did this. If theyd put Tornado in aswell they could have moved the entire arena where they wanted to go.

    But i saw no real damage on the wall though.

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    shame WITW was concelled, cause that was going to be the last job of the event.

    See how / if storm 2 can break the arena, what better way to improve things by having it broken.


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