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Thread: I spot a wooty review

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    Melee 1

    Mayhem instantly killed by Supernova but Storm 2 completely took over from that point on, slamming Rhino everywhere. Then when it seemed dead took on Supernova too! By far the best point of the melee was Supernova being the first weve seen to de-track Killalot. The fact that Storm 2 was shoving him forwards, I consider a mitigating circumstance. Shame Supernova was also killed soon after, but Rhino was still moving so fair game. Fight of the night for me.

    Melee 2

    We never saw what Subversion could do, as it never seemed to suceed in attacking anything. We saw what Shredder Evo could do to Subversion though, and Trax was very strong against both Subversion and Steel Avenger, while Steel Avenger certainly seemed to have Shredder Evos number! Phew. Also, I wouldnt call it a contraversial decision. Trax was far too strong to go out, and was the one who finished off Subversion. Steel Avenger was also looking a lot stronger than Shredder, having planted some good attacks against it.

    Storm 2 vs Trax

    Very one sided battle, but Storm 2 never seems to get boring. Trax did very well to stay alive in this fight, despite never managing to actually fight back. Shane, I think this fight was punnishment for that dance at the end of the melee:wink:

    Steel Avenger vs Rhino

    Another strong display from the Avenger. Rhino never really got going, despite getting the better in some shovathons, and was eventually pitted. A good strong display from an older machine.

    Steel avenger vs Storm 2

    Lots of Ss in this heat arent there? Anyhoo, Storm 2 looked absolutely unstoppable, and Steel avenger... Well. Trying to hit something that fast with an axe is a recipe for bad times. Although they were the first robot to be shoved out of the arena, so Id call it a high to retire it on

    Just one or two minor gripes with the episode. One was that, although this was called the heat of doom, ALL the destroyers went out in round 1. Not very doomy.

    ALso, a message to the Steel avenger lads and ladess. WHERE WAS THE FEATHER DUSTER?!:sad:

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    Wooty Review + Rammer = Ramming Wooty Review

    Best heat so far, but for me gyrobot is still the best engineered so far.

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    sam.... join the live events, have fun, test your robot, and get these untested things tested you know it makes sence.

    Doesnt have to be all out war all of the time


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