Melee 1

Metallis never got going as whatever its srimech was... Didnt work. Ming Dienasty also never got going at the start, which probaby explains why the judges decided to get rid of it. Drills can be effective weapons, just not the way weve seen them used thus far.

Melee 2

Megahurts LT was great... A comedy theme built into a fully working robot... Shame it broke down Nice to see Revolution back and much improved. I was expecting the combine harvester to reutn, but thankfully it didnt St aggro was interesting. A bit like WBC would be if it was a lot smaller. The Scrapper... Never saw what it could do. Good fight.

Crusher Crunch Up

I thought this fight was extremely boring. A couple of decent attacks, and just about everyone was broken at the end. Mantis might have won, but they did so by simply outlasting the others. At least I dont remember it crunching anything.

St Aggro vs Scraptosaur

Scraptosaur was well on top for most of the fight. St. Aggro couldnt get under, and was being flipped every which way but lose. But the problem was the didnt need to self right, so when Scraptosaur ran out of gas, St Aggro still had plenty left, and just needed one attack. One attack they managed to get, and so they won.

Revolution vs Ceros

Gotta hate them removable links. What looked like being a good ight in the making was ruined because of one. Still, there was some nice house robot attacking which almost made up for it Mentorn, if youre reading, show more house robot attacking!

St Aggro vs Ceros

This looked like being over quickly when Ceros couldnt self right, but thankfully Refbot intervened in agood way for once, and it soon picked up. Both robots took turns at being on top, and St Aggro looked dead and buried when Matilda broke its wheel. Still Ceros was propped up and their flipped seemed broken/exausted so St Aggro won. Fight of the night for me.

St Aggro did look very good... Still, according to Tom Brisbournes wall chart theyve got X-Terminator next. I think those wheels will be a problem