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Thread: Wow - that thing is awesome!

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    Tony well done great entertainment from all.

    John Heatlie

    Team Corkscrew

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    Yay! Im so pleased that Bulldogs in the semis for once which is were it deserves to be. Bad luck was overidden by skill well done guys.

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    Plus..what was that so called controversy about? Surely nothing was amiss there? It could happen to anyone.

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    with regards to my first post:
    Ive never seen Infernal Contraption like this (I saw the filming)
    WAtch out fir it its gonan be great!
    (Ill say no-more)END QUOTE
    how much editing do they want to do????
    Alot is the answer in this case. shame we didnt see infernal contraption ding its flips and dives, it looked terrific during filming...
    (QUOTE from guy behind me in audience:
    Wow - that thing is awesome)

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