Melee 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome one and all... To the Atomic show! Or thats how it seemed anyway. Cygnus flipped up on to the arena wall and semmingly unable to self right, Terror Turtle thrown OOTA, SMIDSY thrown around until it broke down, and was pitted... atomic was the only mobile competitor, and I think thats the first time weve seen that happen. One robot taking out all the others that is.

Melee 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Hellbent show! Or thats how it seemed anyway. Mean Streak and Arachnia both flipped and axed into submission, I Bot One Beta never seemed to get going... Impressive stuff. Im slightly dubious this was Hellbents first fight though. Afterall, how else did they qualify? Anyway, fight of the night for me.

World champs qualifiers

Erm... It all went to plan for Crushtashian is all I can say. Still a very strong looking machine.

SMIDSY vs Mean Streak

Mean Streak got a good attack on the side of SMIDSY, but from there SMIDSY took over and shoved Mean Streak everywhere. Mean Streak threatened to come back a couple of times, but it just never happened.

Atomic vs Hellbent

At first I thought atomic was having trouble getting under Hellbent, but a few attacks and it was all over, Hellbent flying OOTA.

SMIDSY vs Atomic

SMIDSY running around prolonged the fight, but they couldnt seem to get in a decent attack, and out they went.

Pierce watch

Apparently Atomic still has a spike, nevermind the fact they didnt mention, or even use it.

By the way...

Is it me, or is Atomic the first robot to complete a grand slam of an OOTA in every fight?