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Thread: Review + woot = wooty review

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    Yeah i totally wrong. I watched the recording agin and i was wrong. It was Tsunami who got both robots in teh first fight OOTA
    sorry all

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    Series 3 frank

    Heat E winner against Heat 16 winner

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    lucky him, i want a wall chart :sad:

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    stu's Avatar

    Tom - your semi final Listsings are all wrong mate.
    I can tell you now - that there wrong as i know which robots fight each other, and that listing is wrong. Re think it

    I dont think telling you who fights who in the semi final is a spoiler - but just to make sure, i wont say.

    Mr Stu

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    Oh i see what you have done. Your 99% right. Just Remember that Heat A and E were swaped around mate. But still - hmm.
    I know that M2 does NOT fight the winner of Heat N.

    Mr Stu

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