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Thread: International entries

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    I see now thanks

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    One problem with US bots coming to the UK is the
    The BattleBots arena for example has a steel floor
    and as such the bots tend to be designed with a
    steel floor in mind.
    If the same bots were put in the UK with the wooden floor it would not be strong enough to hold them.
    On the RW forum the Razer team were asked why
    they don,t use Warhead in UK Robot Wars,one
    of the problem,s sited were the arena floor being
    wooden.Infact Ian,s very words were no bloody way

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    Yeah I saw the way Warhead can spin away after hitting something, and that would probably chop the floor to pieces. And of course the walls would probably disintergrate as well if they hit them.

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    frenZy is a Battlebot and competed in the War of Independance during series 4, i think Ramstein did as well

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    Yup Karl i can confirm it did fight, and lost in its first and only fight to panic attack. very good performance from PA, they piggy backed the superheavyweight and then slowly eased it into the pit and made it look very easy.
    There was also a panic attack V mortis decision that was incredibly dubious, but considering the beating frenZy given PA at battlebots (and the winner took on frenZy next) they made a good decision.

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    Dont forget Ramstein had been stripped down in order to make the weight grade.

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    In what way, exactly. To me, it looked the same as the Superheavyweight robot, what exactly did they do?

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    Yes Frank please do tell.

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    Im not sure of the exact details, but I know it was lighter in the WOI than it is in Battlebots. It didnt seem as nippy across the arena, so maybe they used a lighter drive. Plus Im guessing thinner armour, or at least armour that was made of something lighter.

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    Rammstein was always a very light SHW, only just over the limit for the heavyweights.

    Its weapon was originally a pneumatic spike. I think they removed the gas bottles and just entered RW with a static spike.

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