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Thread: House Robot Rebellion

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    No worries
    By the way, (ive already posted this, its gonna sound like bragging)
    I received mail from five about a certain persons forum account being terminated.
    Wonder who taht could be. So to make up for my spoiler I helped to eliminate the master spoiler! Also, I dont think he had heard of FRA so he wont be showing up here for a while if ever.

    Anyway, back to topic.
    Its a shame 3 robots arent fighting the houses, and notcie all the opponents are flippers? Does anyone think Gravity could OOTA a house robot? At the sides I think even Mr. Pyscho could stumble (on gravitys flipper) and fall.

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    Mr Psycho outside the arena? I dont want to think about the potential safety hazards.

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    They probably wont start with Shunt, hes been the whipping boy for some time now, especially against flippers

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    erm, shunts not going to be in it...

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